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چگونه سر ز خجالت براورم بر دوست
که خدمتی به سزا برنیامد از دستم

Head of Farsi: Sister Shaqayiq Farhid

Mission هدف

To keep our culture alive through teaching our students their mother language and keeping old traditions while making new ones.

Vision تصور

To be at the head of afghan schools by allowing our students to excel in classes and become engaged and caring citizens of the community.

Values ارزش

Our School Board operates based on a set of values which guides our actions:

Inclu​sivity, Relationships, Innovation, Engagement, Responsibility, and Optimism.

Farsi Books:

ClassBook NameWorkbook Name
Level 1Book 1Workbook 1
Book 2Workbook 2
Level 2Book 3Workbook 3
Book 4Workbook 4
Level 3Book 5
Book 6
Level 4Book 7
Level 5Farsi Dari Sinfe 5
Level 6Farsi Dari Sinfe 6
Level 7Farsi Dari Sinfe 7
Level 8Farsi Dari Sinfe 8
Level 9Farsi Dari Sinfe 9

Farsi Resources: