Thank you for caring about your community and the future leaders (your children).

Your generous donations will be spent on the list of ACIC Maktab's needs below and any other potential needs that arises for Maktab. Any extra left over amount will be donated to Jamea  (community).

If you intend that your donations should be spent for a specific purpose, please specify it on the donation form. Maktab will try it's best to spend it for that purpose. However, Maktab reserves the right to spend it on any other urgent need that may arise. Thank you.

Maktab's Donation List

Title Received Donation/Quantity Needed Estimated Amount Donate
USBs for Data transfer 4/4 $12 each

Prizes For Students 0/100 $10 each

Supplies For Students
(pen, pencil, binder,etc)
0/100 $5 each

New Desktop Computers For Workstations 0/4 $500 each

New Office Desk 0/1 $400 each

New Whiteboards 0/7 $130 each

Benefits of Donating

Amount Benefits Donate
$100 Thank you

$200 Thank you

$300 Thank you

$400 Thank you

$500 Thank you

$1000 Thank you